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Multi-Site Orthopedic Practice
A large and interactive website supports integrated
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Gutter Protection Product
A new website was needed to market this product
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Medical Product Manufacturer
On an international scale, highly specialized
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Performance Training
A site is revitalized to detail services, products
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Surgical Assistant Training Program
A new CMS and SEO modifications to existing
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Specialty Doctor's Office
In only 30 days, this doctor got 170 new patient
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GlobalDirective is the Only Right Choice

The Horns of Your Dilemma: You Need Marketing and Information Technology to Succeed Online

The explosive growth in today's online business world offers the richest of opportunities for business to business companies including manufacturing companies, technology and industrial based companies and distributors and wholesalers seeking to break away from its competition and dominate its industry. However, to truly succeed online, you face a two-pronged dilemma. You need a flexible IT department with the expertise to build and run a site optimized for your unique ecommerce needs. You also need a marketing team that employs the latest, most effective techniques to drive customers to your site and keep them coming back. While excelling in IT and marketing is vital to your success, few companies have both the IT resources and marketing know-how to achieve the growth they're after.

GlobalDirective: Your Comprehensive Solution

At GlobalDirective, we have both the technical and marketing expertise you need to succeed online. We will build and optimize your website to meet the demands of your customers, then oversee the complex back-end details of everything from shopping-cart management to forum administration and spam protection. We will also tailor an integrated marketing strategy for your business and put it to work, using the latest, most effective techniques to deliver your message to an audience ready to do business with you. Your dilemma, having both an efficient, adept IT department and a masterful marketing department is solved with one answer—GlobalDirective—strengthening your business and separating you from your competition.

Partner with GlobalDirective, and Break Away From the Pack

At GlobalDirective, we customize our IT and marketing services to meet your needs. Whether you’re just entering the world of ecommerce or seeking a spike in your established online business, we can provide the expertise that's critical to distinguish you from your competitors. Learn more about us, or call us today, and let us show you how we can turn you into an industry leader.