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We’re glad you liked the blog we wrote on Tips to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate and are excited that you want to learn more. GlobalDirective is an experienced online marketing group passionate about helping you succeed. Our number-one goal: Increasing Your Business. Through strategically designed websites, and search engine optimization and marketing programs, we will help you increase your exposure online and get you more business.

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Our marketing experts have written a few more blogs and some podcasts on that you might find equally as valuable as the one you read on the Lunarpages blog. We suggest reading Harness The Power of Intent Data To Supercharge Conversions and our Persona-Based Marketing ebook. You might also enjoy listening to Using Ebooks to Build Authority.

Hopefully these blogs and podcasts have helped you see how you can gain more leads through proper website conversion techniques. But once you get those leads, the work doesn’t stop there. Equally as important to knowing how to get leads is knowing how to nurture them so they convert into a sale.

Well, we can help with that too! Our team has created this valuable ebook that shares 10 mistakes businesses make in marketing automation. Knowing these can help you do a better job at nurturing your leads and turning them into a sale! Fill out the form to the right and we’ll happily send it to you.

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What Matters and Why Now

What matters most to your company? High-quality leads, more sales, and increased revenue? Or is it about building a more recognizable brand and increasing brand loyalty among your existing customers?

Whatever your answer (even if it’s all of the above), you’ll find that taking your industrial manufacturing company online, or becoming more strategic with your existing online efforts has the most potential to yield the best results at the lowest cost to you and your customers.

Your Channel Partners and Customers Matter

Here’s a not so secret, secret: your channel partners and customers are all looking for an easier and more cost-effective way to conduct business. They’re looking for solutions that give them more control and require less of their time. And it’s not by choice. Both the economy and technology has played a major role in pushing manufacturing companies and their distributors online.

The Economy Forced Distributors Online to Find Better Solutions

The industrial manufacturing industry helped bring the U.S. out of a recession, but the strain on demand forced distributors online to find better solutions and more effective ways to reach and service customers. Savvy manufacturing companies see this as more than a trend and have implemented long-term ecommerce strategies to help boost sales revenue.

Technology has Made More Possible for Less

In the past, only the largest manufacturers could afford to have ecommerce solutions that serviced distributors and had the capability to make direct sales to end-customers. However, technology has reduced costs and made this multichannel sales and distribution strategy available to all industrial manufacturing companies. As a result, your customers no longer just want these services or think it would be a great convenience, they expect them.