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Marketing with A Google Analytics Audit

Yes, Google Analytics is a powerful marketing tool. But only a few companies are able to turn the data that Google churns out into more leads and revenue.

More often than not, Google Analytics is set up incorrectly (or incompletely) and only used as a way to track visitors and conversions. Our clients do more than track with Google Analytics, they increase website traffic and conversions.



If you have to ask the question, you probably need a little help, and that's why we've created a comprehensive Google Analytics Audit for Manufacturers.

Your business is different than other types of businesses and we get that. Our Google Analytics audit is custom for your business and will help:

Improve Your Digital Marketing in Just 30 Days

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  • Ensure you have reliable and accurate data
  • Easily identify and segment the metrics that mean the most to your business
  • Simplify reporting
  • Increase website traffic and leads
  • Understand conversion opportunities

In 30 days, Google Analytics could be helping you increase sales and revenue.


You may be unsure if the Google Analytics Audit is for your company, and while we'd love to help everyone we've found that our Google Analytics Audit is best for companies:

  • Who already have google analytic account
  • Who are not sure whether the data is being tracked correctly or not
  • Who are looking to implement data driven marketing strategies


We have different offerings for different needs. If you don't have that much traffic, a basic audit may be best for your company. On the other hand, if you have a high - traffic Ecommerce website, an Advanced Audit may help you find hidden revenue opportunities that you can immediately capitalize on.

Additionally, if you need advanced analytics analysis or monthly reporting services. We've got you covered.

Don't worry, you don't need to make a decision on which audit is best for you.

Just sign up to learn more about our Google Analytics Audits and will work with you to make sure the best audit is selected for your company.

Here is more information on our 4 offerings:

Basic Analytics Audit

Basic Audit is largely for companies with websites that have low volume of traffic. The basic audit includes recommendations on:

  • Ensuring that the tracking code has been implemented on all the pages correctly
  • Setting up basic dashboards to track KPIs for ease of reporting
  • Integration with Adwords and Webmaster tools
  • Enhancing the basic tracking code to track demographic reports
  • Traffic Source Accuracy Checking
  • Goal Identification and Setup
  • Bonus: 3 months of reporting services (introductory offer)

Advanced Analytics Audit

Advanced Audit service includes a wide array of features along with the features included in basic audit. This is ideal for websites with high traffic and Ecommerce websites. The advanced Audit includes recommendations on:

  • All the features of basic Audit
  • Campaign tracking to ensure all the traffic is being credit to correct marketing campaign
  • Campaign tracking using google tag manager
  • Defining advanced filters and segments based on visitor characteristics to understand your visitors better
  • Mobile Traffic Analysis
  • Tracking micro and macro conversions along with defining funnels which can help identify potential problems across the funnel
  • Complex dashboards and custom reports based on business needs for ease of reporting
  • Verifying Ecommerce tracking and Enhanced ecommerce features
  • Bonus: 3 months of reporting services (introductory offer)

Google Insights Offering

LocalDirective brings a strategic advantage to all of your custom problems regarding analytics. Our google insights report provides advanced analysis of your google analytics data. The key features include:

  • Profiling the types of visitors visiting your website: Analyze GA data to define various customer segments like: highly probability, medium probability and low probability conversion visitors.
  • Analyzing the performance of PPC and SEO campaigns and their ROI: Analyze various marketing campaigns, their effectiveness and profitability.
  • Correlation Matrix: Define correlation between various events and conversion. Does an increase in traffic really mean increase in conversion or is there a relation between increased visits to a specific page to conversion etc.
  • Funnel Analysis: Provide a detailed funnel analysis.
  • Content that works: Identify the most preferred content based on visitor profiles and traffic sources.
  • Attribution Modelling: Determine a custom attribution model that assigns marketing success based on user behavior
  • Cohort Analysis: Understanding the impact of repeated visitors. How long does a visitor take to convert? This can be used to define the follow up campaigns
  • Bonus: 3 months of reporting services (introductory offer)

Monthly Reporting Services

Our monthly reporting services includes:

  • Traffic Analysis Reports
  • Traffic Generating Keywords Analysis
  • Keyword ranking placement across search engines
  • Landing page analysis
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Geo Location Analysis
  • Mobile traffic analysis

Improve Your Digital Marketing in Just 30 Days

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