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Backend Technology

Backend Technology Offerings

Many companies in the manufacturing sector require back-end technology solutions customized to your unique needs to manage operations in the most-cost effective manner. From end-to-end ERP systems, to customized modules that interface with your existing ERP system, to specific operational technology solutions, we can build solutions that meet your unique needs. Our solutions increase your effectiveness, your efficiency and deliver cost savings. And, most pleasantly, at a price that will surprise you as compared to many other alternatives.

Database Management

Your data serves as the heart of your business, and secure, efficient data management is vital. A powerful data management system must effectively deal with everything from website resources to customer/dealer information and internal company documents. Our data management expertise will help your organization develop a secure, optimized database, applying leading-edge technology to meet the internal demands of your business, as well as the needs of your external customers and supply chain partners. Our team will customize the database solution you need, from a host of applications, including Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, SQL Servers and MS-Access.

When you need to transfer your data, our experts deliver efficient, secure solutions for migrating across platforms. We will analyze your existing data schemas, suggest the best database designs, and provide solutions to make them more efficient. We also ensure that your existing data is aligned with the schema of your new database during migration, while rigorously adhering to the highest standards of data integrity and consistency.

SharePoint Customization

Microsoft’s SharePoint provides a highly customizable, centralized employee-access system that will improve your business’s internal communications and efficiency. SharePoint is flexible, with both Internet and Intranet configuration options for your needs. Our experts will customize your SharePoint services, including everything from design integration to development of communications hierarchies. We will also integrate SharePoint with your office suite, ensuring seamless employee communication and management.

Intranet Development

Your business’s personal Intranet is a powerful medium to organize, manage, and transfer your business’s data and communication. However, in order to be efficient, your Intranet must be optimized for your business’s unique needs. Our team brings an unsurpassed depth of experience in delivering Intranet solutions tailored to the complex requirements of your business.

Workflow Management

Workflow management is an integral part of your business process automation, and it’s a key to increasing your overall efficiency and operations cost management. We provide custom-designed, rules-based workflows and design process flows that will boost your business’s efficiency and allow you to consolidate operations on a single platform.

Order and Inventory Management

Effectively managing your inventory and order fulfillment is critical to a modern eCommerce business’s success. Your customers expect their products quicker than ever, and fulfilling those orders while maintaining optimum inventory levels requires an advanced management system. Our technology team helps you design the management solution to monitor and administer every element of the inventory and fulfillment process. From your own eCommerce portal to third-party partner merchant platforms, we will develop an integrated, flexible, and efficient management system that your customers can rely upon to receive the products they want, when they want them.

CRM Systems

A powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is more than hardware and software. It’s a powerful tool that helps you nurture prospects through the buying cycle and that subsequently ensures your customers’ satisfaction and repeat purchasing. A CRM helps consolidate every aspect of the sales cycle, bringing everything from customer service and sales to technical support under its umbrella. This provides you greater control and increased efficiency, while delivering the optimum user experience your customers are seeking. However, the effectiveness of your CRM requires that your precisely tailor it to your business needs. Our team will customize a CRM that will seamlessly integrate with your other management platforms and will grow as your business grows.

Document Management

Your business runs on the documents it produces. Secure, efficient document management across all business departments is important to ensure both process efficiency and the integrity of your information. Our technology team will create a secure, permission-based data warehouse for efficient storage and retrieval of all of your information. Our leading-edge document management systems guarantee that you have the secure knowledge base from which all departments can work most efficiently.

ERP Installation and Customization

Efficiency and process improvement play key roles in how your business evolves and grows. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications provide a full-slate of powerful tools to collect, store, and analyze data related to every aspect of your business. A well-designed and implemented ERP system allows you to monitor and interpret activity and information across each of your company’s departments, leading to better integrated, more effective process improvements, and can be a key tool in enhancing lean manufacturing techniques. However, off-the-shelf ERP solutions do not generally suit specific business needs without business-based customizations. Our technology team will help you select, customize, and install the ERP solution that will provide you the information critical to process improvement.

ERP Custom Module Development

Many industry-based ERP solutions have modules and components that may not serve the specific needs of your business or your supply chain partners. If you’ve struggled with implementation and usage of these modules, consider allowing us to design and develop a custom module that better serves your needs and the needs of your stakeholders, and yet that integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system.

API Development and Integration Services

Your business depends on the efficient communication between a variety of platforms both within your business and with your supply chain partners. Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, seamlessly integrate all of your platforms, ensuring efficient communication and information management between each of your departments. For example, a well-designed API will connect your ecommerce platform with your multi-channel retailers and distributors, and manage services such as order management and pricing information. Our technical experts design APIs that integrate with online marketplaces, transactional and payment services, shippers, and your own internal CRM.

Back-End Expertise That Provides the Foundation of Your Online Success

Back-end systems are integral to both your profitability and your supply chain relationships. We deliver the end-to-end solutions to give you the value and integration you require at an ROI you’ll appreciate. Call 1-866-925-9524 today to get started building cost-saving technology solutions that deliver the results you need.