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The explosive growth of ecommerce across B2B and B2C segments renders a simple website insufficient for most companies. At an estimated $559 billion in 2013 sales, B2B ecommerce has more than doubled B2C sales, with rapid growth expected to continue. Does your business have an ecommerce strategy?

Bring Your Sales Online

In the past, creating and maintaining an ecommerce website presented major challenges for companies that did not have a large IT department. Ecommerce websites are still more complex and require more setup than a simple informational site, but new technology has reduced their cost and complexity, making ecommerce storefronts a viable option for industrial manufacturing companies that want to expand their reach and grow their sales.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, or mcommerce, is expanding from the B2C market and into the B2B world, with total mcommerce sales expected to quadruple within the next five years. Smart phones and tablets have become essential business tools. Ecommerce sites must be responsive to meet the needs of your users, regardless of the device they’re using. Responsive sites assist mobile users through their shopping experience leading to higher conversion rates and repeat sales.

Amazonization Is the Future of Ecommerce has become the dominant force in the world of ecommerce, and businesses are taking cues from their success. Amazon has made ecommerce easy for buyer and seller alike by making simple, logical and above all, fast. Creating a business website that builds on the lessons of Amazon is not just about setting an ecommerce site, it’s about creating a robust online sales funnel that drives conversion rates and turns visitors into customers and customers into lifelong fans of your business. As a comprehensive strategy, Amazonization focuses on all stages of the buying cycle, from search through sale.

Expand Your Reach Through Multi-Merchant Channels

The most effective comprehensive ecommerce solutions include using multi-site merchant channels to complement and bolster your site. Placing your products on, eBay, and Google Shopping allows your business to reach millions of potential customers who have never been exposed to your website. We provide full-service, integrated management and support for multi-merchant channels that expand your business’s reach.

Ecommerce Built and Maintained for Your Target Segments

Ecommerce sites require sophisticated technical design and support to ensure the optimum user experience that drives conversions. Our technical team delivers the services your ecommerce presence requires, from maintenance and back-end support to the development and administration of customer relationship and supply chain management systems.

End-To-End Solutions That Drive Increased Sales

Creating a successful business involves more than just building an office, creating a website is just part of the process of a successful ecommerce presence. We have the technical expertise to build a robust, secure, easy-to-use ecommerce website to sell your products online and service your customers as well as your supply chain partners. We combine that expertise with the marketing experience that drives visitors to your site and converts them to the repeat customers that are the foundation of your business’s success. Call us today at 1-866-925-9524 and learn how we can build an e-commerce solution that works with how you do business.