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Learn About Your Audience with Google Analytics

Ever since Pizza Hut first offered online ordering in 1994, businesses have been vying for customers’ ever-increasing online-buying dollars.

Amazon started selling books online in 1995, with stunning success. For others, it has been more than challenging to discover how to capture maximal traffic with minimal spend.

Simply having a website is no longer good enough. It’s necessary to learn about your audience by tracing their paths to find out what they’re up to. This way, you can learn how your potential customer thinks, the routes and devices used, and how they are interacting with your pages.

Then, you can adapt all your marketing activities and resources to ensure the most success.

Why Google Analytics?

The best way to understand your customer’s behavior is by quantifying his or her actions, which generates business intelligence. Analytics helps to understand your customer’s journey by capturing various data points.

While there are many tools on the market able to help measure and understand web analytics, Google Analytics remains one of the most productive web analytics platforms.

Google Analytics is a strong tool that provides tons and tons of data to help business owners gain a better understanding, which enables them to make appropriate decisions.

Data Analytics – What Different Analytics Mean

The primary goal of analytics is to measure the progress of your business and to improve it. Analytics provides an effective way to measure the success and failure of your efforts. It helps you keep track of various business objectives and the progress made in achieving those objectives. While implementing data analytics, it is important to understand different types of analytics and their roles in the decision-making process.

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics are the simplest form of analytics. The purpose of descriptive analytics is to answer the question: "What Happened?"

Once you put your marketing strategies to work, descriptive analytics help you understand your efforts and relate them to what is working and what is not working. Descriptive analytics are executed regularly at the conclusion of a campaign to measure its effectiveness. It helps to establish the relationship between your customers, your products or services and your business objectives. In learning from past behaviors, you are more able to influence future outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is the next step of analytics. This set of analytics is about understating past data and then predicting future outcomes based on that data. Predictive analytics utilizes a variety of data mining and statistical and data modeling techniques to study the patterns of historical data.

It can be used for a wide variety of business areas, including such aspects as predicting how a particular customer might behave, forecasting the demand of certain products or services, or determining how successful a particular marketing or sales strategy might be.

The important point to understand is predictive analytics will tell you "what might happen" not "what will happen". Predictive analytics can only provide an estimation regarding the likelihood of a future outcome. The volume of data also plays an important role in effectiveness of predictive analytics. Higher volumes of data results in better predictions.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics is the most advanced set of analytics. Prescriptive analytics combines both descriptive and predictive analytics to not only predict a future outcome, but also to predict why a particular outcome might occur, including insights regarding necessary actions to take as a result of these outcomes.

Prescriptive analytics allow companies the opportunity to assess a number of possible outcomes and to recommend subsequent actions. With this ability, prescriptive analytics can have a huge impact on business and how decisions are made. However, prescriptive analytics is still in its infant stage. Also, provided the complexity and cost involved, not many businesses currently implement prescriptive analytics.

While analytics do provide several advantages, it is important to assess the implementation process with a systematic approach in order to make most of it. The analytics journey of any business starts with implementing descriptive analytics followed by predictive analytics. The maturity of your analytics team in converting the insights of descriptive analytics to actionable advice paves the way for predictive analytics. The key lies in understanding the importance of descriptive analytics and how to use them in deriving the required business intelligence.

GlobalDirective Has You Covered

Tracking, analyzing, and then responding are the keys to success to any marketing activity. Ultimately, effective use of marketing analytics yields a positive synergistic cycle that leads to an increasingly-effective marketing capacity within your business and an improved ROI for marketing spend.

GlobalDirective has various Google Analytics offerings for your specific needs. If you don't have that much traffic, a basic audit may be best for your company. On the other hand, if you have a high-traffic eCommerce website, an Advanced Audit may help you find hidden revenue opportunities that you can immediately capitalize on. Or, if you need advanced analytics analysis or monthly reporting services, we've got you covered.

The certified analytics team at GlobalDirective has achieved the level of expertise that is critical to distinguish you from your competitors. Now is the best time to learn more about how GlobalDirective can turn you into an industry leader. Call today, toll-free at 1.866.925.9524 or complete the brief form on the left. We will get right back with you.