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Marketing Solutions for B2B Companies

Your Marketing Has Moved Online

Traditional marketing tactics are fading. While trade journal ads and direct-mail campaigns can still drive new leads, the cost of acquiring customers through these methods has skyrocketed while responses have plummeted. A study by IHS GlobalSpec found that engineers and other industrial professionals now subscribe to an average of just under 2 trade publications, while most did not attend a single traditional trade conference in 2012. By contrast, these same engineers subscribed to nearly six digital, work-related publications, and nearly 2/3 of them attended at least one webinar or other online event.

Most importantly, this digital participation isn't passive: 83 percent of industrial professionals now use the Internet to find components, equipment, and other necessary supplies for their business.

Your customers have moved online. You must move there as well

Comprehensive Marketing Expertise

Effective digital marketing requires more than merely posting a website on the Internet or paying for an advertisement on Google. Digital marketing requires in-depth research and a well-considered strategy to leverage the most effective marketing tactics for your business. We provide research-supported, data-driven marketing targeted to your audience to increase leadsa and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, remains one of the most powerful tools to increase your site's exposure across search engines. Today's search engine algorithms reward sites for delivering relevant, valuable content that visitors are looking for. When performed well, SEO combines worthwhile content that your visitors want with keywords important to your industry that will increase your overall search traffic on sites such as Google and Bing. We use in-depth keyword research to and analysis to provide the best on-page optimization for your site, then deliver the most effective off-page SEO tactics to increase your site's profile and build authority for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a largely untapped but growing channel for B2B companies. For example, in 2013, 63% of industrial professionals maintained a LinkedIn account, while 40% of them used the service to read industry or product news. However, social media marketing requires savvy use of content and the precise delivery to the channels that your customers are reading.

Email Marketing

As email continues to be a primary method of workplace communication, email marketing is particularly effective as a lead-nurturing tool. According to a study by the Earnest Agency, 72% of B2B buyers are likely to share useful content they received via email. Value-added email information, delivered in formats ranging from cost-effective, customized drip campaigns to newsletters that deliver the topical information your customers find worthwhile, will build your brand, nurture qualified leads, and increase customer loyalty.

Search Advertising

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, can effectively and quickly drive visitors to your site, both as you build your overall organic search rankings and as a complementary tactic to SEO. Search-engine ads allow for precision delivery to your audience, through keywords and geo-targeting. When supported by appropriate research, SEM is a cost-effective, efficient method for boosting your site's web traffic.

Content and Inbound Marketing

B2B professionals are consuming more work-related online content than ever. Content marketing develops the valuable information they are looking for, under your brand. From blogs and white papers to ebooks, strong content marketing often serves as the core means of communicating with your audience. Beyond increasing your business profile, content marketing is invaluable in nurturing leads and them through each element of the buying cycle. Moreover, content marketing builds loyalty by continuing to provide your customers the information they want, while keeping you top-of-mind in their purchasing considerations.

Improve Your Digital Marketing with Google Analytics

We have different offerings for different needs. If you don't have that much traffic, a basic audit may be best for you. On the other hand, if you have a high-traffic eCommerce website, an Advanced Audit may help you find hidden revenue opportunities that you can immediately capitalize on.

Meet Your Customers with Powerful Online Marketing

Powerful, targeted marketing is crucial to your online success. We provide comprehensive marketing solutions across all channels to drive leads to your business and turn them into the customers you need. Just as importantly, we provide the resources that will support your new marketing efforts, from leading-edge ecommerce sites to customized back-end inventory management systems. Call us at 866-925-9524 to learn how we can help you build an integrated online presence in your industry.

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