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Brand and Strategy Development

The Blueprint for Your Digital Presence

Nearly a third of industrial professionals spend the equivalent of one work day each week online using multiple devices. They visit work-related websites, subscribe to industry-related digital publications, and communicate with their professional peers via social media. That kind of online growth fueled U.S. B2B ecommerce sales to exceed a half trillion dollars in 2013 alone.

But with growth across multiple platforms and channels, it becomes more complex for a business to succeed online. A comprehensive, data-drive marketing strategy is vital to ensure to properly develop your brand, and precisely meet the needs of your target segments. We draw on our unique marketing and technological expertise to produce the blueprint for your digital success.

An Array of Research-Driven Marketing Solutions

If your strategy is the blueprint for your brand and marketing efforts, advanced research is the key to developing that blueprint. Our team analyzes a variety of data, from demographics and competition research to industry trends, then tailors a strategy keyed to your business goals, providing you everything from marketing-tactics recommendations to ROI projections Whether you require a precise strategy focused on one piece of your online presence, or a comprehensive blueprint for every aspect of your brand and marketing efforts, we will develop the strategy your business needs to exceed its goals.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is the central representation of your business. You must developing and defining your brand is the key to engage and influence your target audience and complement every piece of your marketing efforts. We apply in-depth research on your industry, your strengths, and your target segments' preferences to build your brand and develop the strategy that serves as the direction for your overall marketing.

Paid Advertising Strategy

Paid online advertising remains a powerful tool to boost your sales. However, a well-supported strategy is crucial to reach your audience and maximize your ROI. We combine our experience in paid-advertising analytics, along with in-depth research to build a strategy that will give you customers at the lowest cost-per-click.

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization means more than simply placing keywords on your site. It's effective only when it marries advanced research into the competitiveness of targeted keywords and an analysis of their effectiveness in driving your site higher in search engine rankings. Our SEO strategy is built on delivering you the search engine results critical to your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Industrial professionals are increasingly turning to social media for work-related concerns, including discussions of products and research. However, effective social media marketing, especially in the manufacturing sector, where the trend is still burgeoning, requires a detailed analysis of the channels your target audience is using, and in what ways they are using them. We pull the online behavior of your target market demographics and combine it with our experience in social media development to give you a focused strategy on how to increase your brand's profile as an industry leader, communicate with your audience, and drive leads to your site.

Website Strategy

An effective website is more than a domain name. It's an optimized hybrid of design and content that provides a variety of portals to lead your visitor to your specific goal. An effective website strategy relies on market research, competition analysis, industry best practices, and a study of your business's own strengths and weaknesses to tailor the ideal website for your visitors. Whether you have an ecommerce site or a simple, lead-generating landing page, a weour marketing strategists will deliver the blueprint for a site customized to deliver the results you are looking for.

Content Strategy

Industrial professionals spend more time than ever online for job-related tasks. Reaching those professionals, staying top-of-mind, and turning them into customers requires powerful content across multiple channels, from newsletters to downloadable white papers. An effective content strategy requires examination of most effective ways to reach your target segments as well as the types of messages that resonate with them.

Gap Analysis

How is your business performing compared to your potential? Gap analysis provides the hard data necessary to increase your bottom-line revenue and reach your business goals. Our in-depth gap analysis detail your current performance against your potential performance to help optimize your resource allocation, drive your strategy forward, and deliver improved results.

Build Your Blueprint with GlobalDirective

Strategic development is critical to your ultimate marketing and sales success. Our team of analysts and marketing experts will help you get more out of your marketing budget by developing the in-depth marketing strategy your business needs. Call us today at 866-925-9524 to talk with our experts.