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User – Facing Technology Offerings

Build a High-Impact Internet Presence That Delivers Powerful Results

Your customers are spending more time than ever online. Over 80 percent of industrial professionals seek information online. More than 33 percent of these individuals spend greater than eight hours per week online, looking for information, products and services for work-related purposes.. These same professionals are getting their online information through more channels – and in more ways – from websites to video sites to mobile apps. As your customers grow in usage of digital resources and consume more information online, it’s critical that you deliver what they’re looking for in the ways they’re looking for it. We offer the multi-channel solutions to build and support your customer base.

Websites, Landing Pages, and Microsites

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing strategy and is as critical as any salesperson in your organization. More than 8 out of 10 industrial professionals search online for supplies components and parts. This makes your website a critical interface to your company and can easily become the main driver of new leads and sales. Whether you need a focused, lead-generating landing page, a microsite, or a full-featured website, we can provide you with the most effective web solution for your business. Our sites are SEO-friendly, can incorporate content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke or Sageframe, and can also include multiple custom or off-the-shelf components and modules to meet your unique needs. When we build your website, it will be customized to deliver exactly what you need to get the results and ROI you seek to attain.

Responsive and Mobile Websites

The explosive growth in online mobile users makes a mobile website a powerful tool to both generate sales for your business and to build a stronger, more customer-centric brand. While a mobile site is custom-programmed for mobile devices, a responsive design, which changes based on the user’s device, helps extend your reach to mobile devices and tablets without the additional programming cost of a mobile-exclusive site. We develop custom mobile websites as well as responsive websites that ensure your image and message is its most effective, regardless of the device used by your prospects and customers.

eCommerce Websites and Amazonization

With industrial professionals increasingly turning to the Internet for key purchases, and U.S. B2B eCommerce sales hitting $550 billion in 2013, eCommerce websites are more important than ever. However, visitors to your site expect a user-optimized experience with elements such as in-depth descriptions, reviews, specifications, and a simple ordering process. We develop optimized eCommerce sites tailored for your unique business requirements, that meets the needs of your customers and channel partners, on platforms such as Magneto, Drupal, and Opencart. We also leverage the strength of powerful merchant centers, integrating with online stores like Amazon and eBay to boost sales and ROI.

Amazon has set the standard for eCommerce by continually optimizing user experience for ever-increasing conversions. Customer data is studied down to the mouse click, analyzed and used to make the most efficient, user-friendly site possible for the company’s customers. It has led to services ranging from one-click ordering to user-friendly navigation. Our technology experts use these best practices and optimization approach to Amazonize your site. Our Amazonization of your site will deliver an ever-improving customer experience, ever-increasing sales conversions and the competitive advantage you’re looking for in your industry.

Online Catalogs

An online catalog is beneficial for both B2B (wholesalers, retailers, distributors) and B2C sales. It is user-friendly, focused on the information your customers are seeking, and is one of the most effective ways to drive sales in B2B and B2C channels. Online catalogs are flexible, allowing you to change information with the push of a button, and help you reach a larger client base without the additional printing and shipping costs of a traditional catalog. Our customized catalogs are tailored for your business, provide a strong connection with your visitors, and deliver powerful SEO benefits to lift your visibility in the search engines.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are an incredible way to take advantage of the explosive growth in m-commerce, increase your brand exposure, and deliver the services your customers are looking for. Mobile apps provide a unique, ever-present connection to your customers through their mobile devices. Well-designed apps allow customers to browse and order your products in seconds, and provide you the portal to announce product updates, issue service reminders, and deliver the services that build customer loyalty. Applications also allow you to track and update inventory in real-time while maintaining strong relationships with your supply chain partners. We design applications that are friendly to iOS and Android, that deliver the user-experience your visitors want, and that provide powerful end-to-end inventory and fulfillment options.

Gamification Services

Gamification, or custom–designed mobile games, are designed to attract and engage users. They are a surprisingly strong way to build brand exposure, make interaction with your company fun, and they can solve operational problems such as training customers to use your products. A well-designed game can be applied across nearly every element of your business, from lead generation to customer service, and when well done, can go viral Let us custom-design an entertaining game that will attract and retain visitors, while delivering you vital data to support your marketing and operational efforts.

Dealer/Distributor Portals

It is vital to stay connected with the key players of your supply chain, yet most ERP systems do not offer adequate options to serve these crucial industry relationships. Our online portals are custom developed specifically for your dealers and distributors, and can be a cornerstone in maintaining those connections and for gaining a strong competitive advantage over your direct competitors served by these same dealers and distributors. Our dealer distributor portals are cost-effective, increase supply chain efficiency, increase sales and improve partner relationships. You may also find your competitive advantage extends by attracting new supply chain partners to your business. Let us develop the powerful dealer/distributor portal that gives you this powerful advantage in your industry.

Content Management Solutions

It is increasingly important that you provide engaging content to attract visitors and entice them to return to your website. While it’s critical to present the right information—from spec sheets, to product applications, to research—it’s equally crucial that you present this information effectively. We develop customized content-management solutions on a multitude of platforms to most efficiently administer and deliver your content.

Online Community Development

Online communities serve as a central hub for industry-participant members. Building an online community can make your company a key player in your industry, delivering surprising benefits from additional sales leads, to a much higher level of credibility, to a uniquely non-replicable brand image boost. A well-designed, moderated, online community is an effective forum to reach your target audience and build customer loyalty. We handle all aspects, from requirements definition, design and development, and ongoing administration and moderation services to ensure that it’s secure, spam-free, and that it provides your users the experience and information that will make them loyal customers.

We Deliver the Multi-Channel Solutions Your Customers Expect

Online user-experience is the key to delivering higher revenues, a strong ROI, as well as for building your brand and increasing your customers’ loyalty. We provide the full-cycle solutions that attract visitors, convert shoppers into buyers and that build the bonds to turn them into repeat customers. From landing pages to websites, mobile apps and online communities, we’ll deliver the online presence that will resonate with your customers. Call 1-866-925-9524 today to get started building the online presence that will make you stand out from the crowd and deliver the results you need.